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PREORDER - Fused in Earth & Stone Bundle

PREORDER - Fused in Earth & Stone Bundle

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Kennedy knew challenging the power-players of the supernatural world would come at a cost, but she always thought she’d be the one to pay the price.

When Kennedy dares to open The Rain’s doors to unsanctioned paranorms, she sets off a chain of events that will test her determination like never before. As retribution, the ruthless master vampire, Arcuro, captures one of Kennedy’s closest allies. Despite the advice from those around her, she refuses to let Arcuro’s actions go unanswered.

Kennedy must navigate the politics of the paranormal world to form new alliances, but one tiny misstep could result in disaster, and one small act of indiscretion might reveal feelings Kennedy has tried so hard to ignore. If she wanted to play it safe, she would stay away from Blake and his teasing smiles. Unfortunately, she’ll need his help to have any chance to free her friend.

With doubts chipping away at her confidence and old enemies resurfacing, Kennedy comes up with a risky plan. Can she outwit the cunning master vampire? Or will her resolve to undermine him lead her down a treacherous path, putting The Rain and everyone around her in jeopardy?

Readers who preorder this bundle will receive it before it's released on retailers. Retailer release date: October 3rd.

The bundle includes the ebook, a signed copy of the paperback, and The Rain Hotel enamel pin.

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