A Void of Magic

First in a new urban fantasy series! 

They trusted her to keep the peace between the paranorms. They made a mistake.

Kennedy escaped the family business when she turned eighteen. Now, an ill-timed vacation pulls her back to The Rain Hotel, the only known null zone on the planet. It’s a place where vampires can see the sun rise and werewolves can avoid the lure of the full moon. And it would be the perfect place for a paranormal wedding…if the bride wasn’t the local alpha’s daughter and the groom the scion of a vicious master vampire.

With a sexy werewolf determined to sabotage the wedding and dark forces threatening The Rain, Kennedy’s life is thrown out of balance when she’s forced to confront a past she swore to avoid. Ultimately she must choose: will she maintain the stability of the supernatural world…or will she destroy it.

Shades of Allegiance

The perfect blend of Science Fiction and Romance.

Shades of Treason

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I love Kickstarter (and a Bound by Bloodsong update)

I just backed Candace Osmond's Omnibus for Dark Tides. I've never read her books or even heard of her, but her campaign totally sucked me in. I mean, look at the reward tiers! A mystery box?! A Funko Pop doll?! It was a really hard choice, but I went with the mystery...

Mind. Blown.

My mind is absolutely blown that Brandon Sanderson has raised over $20 million on Kickstarter and 12,698 people have paid $500 for four books (hardcover, ebook, and audio) and 8 book boxes. Mind. Blown. Meanwhile, I'm launching my own Kickstarter later this month (I...

Achievements Unlocked! And Book Drop!

Achievements Unlocked! And Book Drop!

I hit a milestone overnight! Bound by Bloodsong has over 250 pre-orders! That's way more than I've had on any of my books, and it's a HUGE deal! I mean, I very rarely pre-order books, but when I do, it's because I absolutely love a book or an author, so thank you guys...