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Shades of Allegiance

Lieutenant Ramie Ashdyn is going home–or rather, to the hellhole that is her home world. With vengeance driving her, she’s intent on tracking down the criminal who can help her unravel the conspiracy that’s threatening the Coalition. Unfortunately, old enemies are sabotaging her efforts, jeopardizing the lives of the few people she trusts. To accomplish her mission, she’ll need to be cunning and ruthless, and that means scrapping her conscience and burying emotions are adversaries could exploit.

Of course, being cunning and ruthless would be easier if the Coalition hadn’t sent “Rest in Peace” Rykus to retrieve her. Ash is the only person who can detect the telepaths who have infiltrated the government, and Rykus must keep her safe until they can escape the planet. But with secrets between them and Ash determined to contact the Known Universe’s most feared crime lord, staying alive–and together–might be an insurmountable feat.


The perfect blend of Science Fiction and Romance.

shades of treason

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A Deleted Scene and 11 Days to go

A Deleted Scene and 11 Days to go

A deleted scene! This was going to be the opening scene to Shades of Allegiance. I wrote it years ago, and it stayed in the book all the through beta readings and even went to my editor. I like the scene, but it didn't set up the book quite right, and after some deep...

Blueberry Muffins

Blueberry Muffins

Forgive me for a post that's totally unrelated to writing. My boys are in 4th grade. They're allowed to bring a snack to school. A few years ago, I started making blueberry muffins to send with them. I figured making them myself was better than buying them, and...