The Rain Hotel coffee mug from Kennedy Rain by author sandy williams

Back from DC!

The kids were out of school all of last week for Fall Break (anyone else have a full week off?), so we traveled up to DC and the big monuments, the Capital, and several museums. My feet hurt! lol

But it was a lot of fun. One highlight was The Spy Museum. I really expected that to be kind of cheesy, but it was really good! Lots of history and still interactive enough that the kids loved it. If I wrote political thrillers, it would have generated so many ideas! But now I can just twist what I learned to fit into urban fantasy or sci-fi settings. :-)

I'm hoping to get back to writing this week. Tech issues have been taking up a huge amount of my time. I'll be working on adding print books to the website and, eventually, some swag. I want a coffee mug!

The Rain Hotel, an urban fantasy coffee mug.
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