Back from DC!

The kids were out of school all of last week for Fall Break (anyone else have a full week off?), so we traveled up to DC and the big monuments, the Capital, and several museums. My feet hurt! lol

But it was a lot of fun. One highlight was The Spy Museum. I really expected that to be kind of cheesy, but it was really good! Lots of history and still interactive enough that the kids loved it. If I wrote political thrillers, it would have generated so many ideas! But now I can just twist what I learned to fit into urban fantasy or sci-fi settings. :-)

I'm hoping to get back to writing this week. Tech issues have been taking up a huge amount of my time. I'll be working on adding print books to the website and, eventually, some swag. I want a coffee mug!

The Rain Hotel, an urban fantasy coffee mug.
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