Have you ever read a book wrong?

Have you ever read a book wrong?

Daughter of No Worlds by Carissa Broadbent fantasy romance
Have you ever read a book wrong?

I just did.

I bought Daughter of No Worlds (aff link) by Carissa Broadbent after seeing the cover and skimming the blurb and first page. Really, it was the gorgeous cover that sold me. I put off reading it for a long time because I didn't think the book would live up to the image, but then I opened it last week and read a few pages.

It was so good! The writing and the worldbuilding and the heroine were all awesome. So was the hero! But that's where I read the book wrong. Our heroine escapes the villain and ends up in another country/province/kingdom/place where she learns to wield her magic. She's sent to work with this recluse named Maxantarius Farlione. He tends a garden in the middle of nowhere and is a grumpy old man.

Except he's not! That's where I read the book wrong!

I didn't get that he was just a little older than her. He was this mentor image in my head, sort of like Katniss and Haymitch, which is not a romantic relationship at all! It took my several chapters to finally see him as the love interest, and oh man, once I got over my wrong reading, I was in love! Their relationship so sweet and epic and GOOD. I love them together and can't wait to read the next book!

If you love fantasy romance as much as I do, you need to read this book. But, um, that's kind of my second mistake? Because a lot of my readers buy books from Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, etc, I try to only read books that are available everywhere. This one is in Kindle Unlimited, which means it can't be anywhere else in ebook form.

I am so, so sorry! I really do usually check these things! And it's not that I have something against Amazon or KU. I just feel terrible for recommending a book that everyone can't read. :-(

Maybe eventually it'll be everywhere. Until then, though, it's really worth the read. And you can buy it in print because the cover is that gorgeous!

P.S. I also read the title wrong. *face palm* For 3/4ths of the book, I thought it was Daughter of No Words. I kept reading thinking she was going to lose the ability to speak!
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If a book is on KU, the ebook can still be purchased, but only on Amazon.

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