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It's the Great Urban Fantasy Cut-and-Paste-athon!

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The Great Urban Fantasy Cut-and-Paste-athon!

What is that, you might ask? Well, this here is my shiny new website. My shiny new website that I'm actually going to use and update! lol All my eBooks are here, my print books will be too soon, and I'll have merchandise like my adorable enamel pins, mugs, shirts and pretty much anything else you guys ask for. But there's a problem!
My books have zero reviews on my site. Technically, I could import than from some stores, but reviews are copywrited so I wouldn't do that without permission from each individual. Since I don't have a direct connection with readers who buy through Kobo, Apple, BN, Amazon, etc, I can't reach out to them.
Sooooo, if you guys have time, I'd really, REALLY appreciate it if you could copy/paste/add your reviews to the books on my website. IMO, it's kind of scary for new readers to jump over here and see zero reviews for a book. All you have to do is navigate to any book page, and you should be able to enter your thoughts there.

P.S. I'd also love to know what you think of the website, especially how user friendly it is or isn't.
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