Sleeted in

Sleeted in

It's below 32 degrees here in Texas, and we have wet stuff falling, so that means everything shuts down. The boys are home from school, appointments are cancelled, and I'm just sitting here in my office watching a few idiots drive on roads covered in a quarter to a half inch of sleet.

Out my window, I can see the back parking lot of an elementary school. A jeep decided it was a great time to drop off a bag of stuff to the donation thingy there. I laughed when the person almost slipped on their ass. 

But then the jeep deliberately drove much faster than they should have and nearly skidded into a fence. SMH

We'll probably be stuck indoors until Thursday. Texas just isn't equipped to deal with this stuff, so we have to wait until everything melts. I plan to do some cleaning, organizing, and reading, and MAYBE a little writing. The book is being stubborn right now. I have words written, but the words don't FEEL right for some reason. It'll click eventually, but until then, it's super frustrating to make so little progress.

In other news, the audiobook for The Shattered Dark is sooooo close to being finished! I listened to it while driving my kids to school and back (when the kids weren't in the car), and I have to say, I kind of love that story. lol I'd forgotten a lot of it, so it was cool and all nostalgia-ish to "read" it again.

If you supported my kickstarter at the audiobook level, you'll get The Shattered Dark via email sometime in February. If you haven't listened to The Shadow Reader, or you know someone else who enjoys urban fantasy and audiobooks, you can get buy it here. It should start to show up on retailers soon, but sometimes they can be slow to update.

Alright. Back to watching idiots outside the window. :-)

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