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The best book app for readers

Allow me to be nerdy for one brief minute: according to Pew Research, 30% of Americans now read ebooks, and more than 54% read the books on their smartphones. Most readers have their favorite apps or devices. I’ve been reading on my Paperwhite for years now (because my eyes cannot tolerate smartphone reading even in dark mode), and sometimes on the Kindle app if I’m out and about. The latter is likely to change though because I’ve found Bookfunnel to be one of the best reading apps I’ve ever come across.

I’m familiar with Bookfunnel as an author. We use it to deliver free and regularly priced books and, more recently, audio. As a reader, I’ve been using Bookfunnel to download books, but I’ve always taken the extra steps to email it to my Kindle. The process is okay after you do it a time or two, but today, while I was playing around and testing my website, I decided to download the Bookfunnel app to my phone and see how it worked. It was so easy!

Whenever you buy or download a book for free, you’re given a code. You enter that code into the app and ta-da! Your book appears! You can adjust the font, the font size, the line spacing, etc. It’s just as good as every other app out there. Still, if you wanted to send it to your Kindle or another reading app, you simply push a button. 

One thing that makes Bookfunnel better than many other apps, including Kindle, is that it also stores and plays audiobooks! I find it super annoying to have to switch between Kindle and Audible. I don’t have to do that with Bookfunnel. I can simply open the app and listen to a story right where I left off. I can also speed up and slow down the speed. It is incredibly convenient.

Bookfunnel is free, and it doesn't have ads. If you ever have any trouble at all accessing your book, their customer support team is EXCELLENT. I plan to use Bookfunnel much more in the future.

Have you downloaded a book via Bookfunnel?

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