Books I Love

I'm a firm believer that one of the best ways to get to know an author is to learn about the books they've read and loved. That's why I'm collecting all of my favorites here on this page.

I've ranked this list by reverse popularity because I LOVE finding hidden gems! You know, those fantastic, lesser-known books that you want to push into every readers' hands because they're just that good.

The titles at the bottom are reads I loved just as much as those at the top, but they're the typical favorites you see on everyone's lists—ACOTR, Blood and Ash, Fourth Wing, etc. I'm hoping you'll discover new-to-you authors to binge read while you're waiting on my next book.

I'll keep this list updated as I discover new favorites!

Newest Favorite: The Jezebel Files by Deborah Wilde
(Updated 6/1/24)

I stumbled across this series because Deborah Wilde posted in an FB author group I'm a part of. It was urban fantasy, and it sounded interesting. I read the first few pages and was hooked by the letter exchange in the first chapter. IFKYK. These books are funny and fast-paced. Loved the whole series and will definitely read the spin-off dualogy. And the of Deborah Wilde's books too! Definitely give her a try!

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