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Bound by Bloodsong eBook

Bound by Bloodsong eBook

Sandy Williams

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When Kennedy bans the werewolves from The Rain Hotel, she threatens the stability—and secrecy—of the entire paranormal world.

Tragedy forces Kennedy back to The Rain Hotel, a magic-free haven for vampires and werewolves and all things other. She might have been reluctant to return to her ancestral home, but now that she’s running things, she will use all her resources to discover who betrayed her family and why.

As the clues pile up and evil forces threaten Kennedy and her friends, three powerful individuals compete for her trust. But things aren’t what they seem, and each man has ulterior motives. She’ll need to build strong walls against their magic and manipulations, and she’ll especially need to be cautious around one charismatic werewolf who seems determined to tempt her into his bed.

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Customer Reviews

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Dominique Da Silva ou David POIROT

Just one thought at the end of the reading : where is the next book ?!?! Can't wait !
Couldn't wait the translation of this book in french -- so went on the english version, but now I still need to wait ! Poor me T.T

Barbara Elness
Love This Series

Kennedy Rain is still reeling from the murder of her parents, and is determined to find out who killed them. Now that she’s running The Rain Hotel, she will not continue the agreements with the vampires and werewolves until she gets some answers. She’s not sure who she can trust, but must use every resource she has in her mission to find the truth. Every time Kennedy finds the answer to one question, more questions come up. We see some new characters, including witches and fae, along with learning more about recurring characters, especially the mysterious Christian. There was a lot going on, and when it got to the final showdown, wow, I thought there was no way they could succeed against an evil witch coven and rogue werewolves, but Kennedy and her childhood friend, Astrid, really surprised me with their daring plan. Although we did get the answers to a great many questions, there are still some things left to discover, so I’ll be impatiently waiting for the next story to find out what happens next for Kennedy and her friends, including sexy, irresistible werewolf, Blake.

Stephanie Walters
Book 2 Was AWESOME!!!

I anxiously awaited publication of Book 2, and it did not disappoint! Kennedy continues on her journey to figure out what happened to her parents. We meet some interesting new characters along the way. Although they both know it's a bad idea, Kennedy and Blake romantically are drawn to each other and continue to meet under dangerous circumstances. I really loved this book - Sandy's writing style is so relatable and flows brilliantly. I cannot WAIT for the next book in the series!! Highly Recommended.

Laura Blom
Fun read

Solid world-building with engaging characters and slow-burn romance. Well worth reading, looking foward to book 3.

You gotta read this

After 22% of the novel, I still could not empathize with the main character, Kennedy. She was on the warpath, was stubborn and argumentative. I didn’t understand how anyone can care for her. But did that stop me cold? Of course not. The story was too good. And there were a number of other characters to love:
• Blake= the Beta (OMG, not an alpha! But still a strong, dominant wolf shifter). He drives a deathtrap and loves to tease her. Probably because he can smell past her obstinacy.
• Nora= Tells it like it is. Gruff but trustworthy in that she won’t lie about her feelings.
• Jared= the kitchen king of Vampires.
• Christian and Melissa= Finally, we hear about other “political” opponents.
• Her bestie from her youth
• Etc. But all these characters don’t overwhelm me.

This also has the feel of a mafia urban fantasy, and you will want to be familiar with the first novel. I struggled for a while to remember the story because I read book 1 a year ago.

As a woman investigating her parents murder and tortured by the loss of her dreams to escape the hotel she inherited, Kennedy has every right to be angry, but I feel for the others. I really like Deagan’s character. He is the flamboyant character actor. I really like his vampire progenitor, Jared, who now takes overseeing a kitchen seriously.

I spent a sleepless night thinking about all the characters and theme. I want to know how Kennedy is going to change society to treat immigrants better, to give the dispossessed, the non-conforming, a chance to live and love.

That leads to the ROMANCE:
Agh! Kennedy and Blake are a Queen and King at war! They bicker. They refuse to capitulate to the other’s demands. Kennedy stubbornly refuses to show her attraction, and Blake makes some concessions but acts like he doesn’t. It is all confusing and sexy without any sex. It all climaxes in a wedding reception where a dropped hand means so.much.more. If Sandy Williams spends another year writing the third novel I will die, I tell you!
One room. You can choose the number of beds.”Laurie blushed.